Our objective is to build more eco-friendly communities while solving the problem of marine litter using socially empowering and innovative approaches.

VeryNile was created in 2018 as an initiative that breaks boundaries through its wide range of ideas, strong commitment to action, and ability to bring together multi-sectoral volunteers and partners. The Nile is a symbol of Egyptian heritage and a source of life for Egypt. However, according to the World Economic Forum, it is also one of 10 rivers that contribute 90% of the garbage in the world’s oceans. By cleaning the Nile, raising awareness about the importance of reducing plastic consumption, and empowering local communities, VeryNile ensures that its impact is not just clear on a local and regional level, but on a global one as well.

VeryNile is supported by the Ministry of Environment.

VeryNile is implemented by the Egyptian social enterprise Bassita. Bassita promotes and implements positive initiatives through building multi sectorial partnerships. Bassita is the innovator of the multi-award winning Clickfunding model.

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VeryNile acts on developing sustainable means to clean the Nile, on recycling and upcycling solid waste through partnerships with local stakeholders and on preventive level to decrease the usage of single use plastic and reduce water pollution.

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