VeryNile Cleaning Activities

Reviving Cairo Fishermen

Launched in September 2020, this project socially and economically empowers local fishermen to clean the Nile on a daily basis. Every day, this new green army removes an average of 100kg of plastic waste from the Nile - almost 40 tons per year!

Fisherwomen and fishermen already work (and many even live on their boats) on the Nile. They possess small boats that can reach any location on the Nile, they know the Nile better than anyone. Most importantly, they know preserving the Nile will bring back biodiversity, a higher availability of fish. For thousands of years, people have been fishing on the Nile. VeryNile aims to preserve this unique cultural heritage by ensuring a sustainable approach to fishing while preserving tradition through innovation.

This project empowers the marginalized community of fishermen of the Nile through an environmental process of collecting recyclables and trash from the Nile. In exchange for cleaning the Nile, fishermen receive a financial incentive (per kg of trash collected), social insurance and social services (access to educational and healthcare services), as well as environmental workshops and trainings.
The collected recyclables are segregated and compacted in VeryNile’s Fishermen Hub which is located on Qursaya Island, before being sold back to recycling facilities to recreate new products.

100 Tons

of recyclables
removed from the Nile
by the fishermen


Number of fishermen
who have joined
this initiative

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Cleaning Boat

On March 22nd, 2021 VeryNile launched the first cleaning boat in Africa. VeryNile I has been designed in Germany by the NGO One Earth One Ocean and built in Egypt thanks to their support.

The boat has a capacity to collect 500kg of solid waste per week. The waste is collected through the front basket and segregated on the boat. The boat is operating 5 days per week around the Island of Qursaya.

OEOO is funding the entire project and financially supports the daily operations of VeryNile, contributing to job creation in marginalized communities.

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Cleaning Events

VeryNile organizes various clean-up events where volunteers can gather in one predetermined location to physically clean the banks of the Nile. The clean-up events also raise awareness about the cause while engaging youth, while also generating significant exposure and visibility. Due to the media coverage of our events, VeryNile has initiated a crucial discussion about the pollution that accumulates in the Nile and the various innovative solutions available.

Since its inception VeryNile has engaged 3,800 volunteers in cleaning activities in Cairo, Luxor, Minya, and Qanater.

Events Timeline

19 November 2021

Second Medical Caravan

Our medical caravan sponsored by Etisalat Misr, tp help treat the lovely people of the Qursayah Island, while assisting in covering all their medical needs.

27 October 2021


Another successful event with an incredible group of volunteers from MARS Egypt who have dedicated time and effort to help us remove an extra ton of waste from the Nile!

26 October 2021


25 September 2021

AXA Cleaning Event

With volunteers of all ages, AXA and their little helpers, removed an additional 100kg of waste from the Nile and on shore!

23 September 2021

Etisalat event #2

Another successful event led by Etisalat’s customer care employees, who helped clean the Nile alongside renovating and painting our fishermen's’ boats!

18 September 2021

Nile Coalition

The first coalition of its kind, gathering several countries around the Nile Basin all working towards one goal, protecting our precious Nile.

7 September 2021

First Medical Caravan

The first medical caravan sponsored by Etisalat Misr to help fulfill the medical needs of the underprivileged community on the Qursayah Island, aimed at delivering professional treatment & needed prescriptions to ensure their overall well-being.

12 July 2021

Etisalat event #1

Cleaning of the Nile alongside renovating and painting our fishermen’s boats.

15 February 2021

OEOO Clean-up

To celebrate VeryNile's long-term partnership with OEOO, a cleaning event gathered 35 volunteers on Qursaya Island which led to the removal of one ton of solid waste from the Nile.

12 December 2020

DP World Sokhna Cleaning event

In collaboration with DP world Sokhna, 35 volunteers cleaned the river bank of Garden City, removing almost 800 kg of trash, mostly plastic packaging.

7 November 2020

ETF Clean-Up

The ETF team and their families were hosted by VeryNile for a full day cleaning event, resulting in the removal of 250kg of trash and some productive fun in the sun!

9 March 2020

International Women's Day Celebration

In collaboration with the National Council for Women and the Ministry of Environment, VeryNile gathered 200 volunteers to clean the Nile in celebration of women's empowerment. The event was attended by her Excellency Dr Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, as well as Dr.. Maya Morsy, President of the National Council for Women, amongst other notable speakers.

20 December 2019

ADES Event

VeryNile partnered with ADES to clean the Nile and to help to raise awareness about our environment. Most of what we remove from the Nile is plastic.

9 December 2019

Quseir Event
Red Sea Governorate

Dead bird, dead fish, plastic everywhere: that's how the beach looks like in Quseir. Yesterday, all of that has been cleaned by these amazing volunteers. Let's not lose hope, we can end the massacre.

1 December 2019

Luxor Event

With the help of our great heroes and the local community from luxor we collected more than 1300 pieces of plastic from the Nile as part of Plastic Bah cleaning campaign, held after our TOT.

16 November 2019

Attijariwafa Bank

This team from Attijariwafa Bank is one of the most amazing VeryNile ever had. They were enthusiastic, efficient and organized. In less than one hour, the 45 volunteers removed more than one ton of trash!

19 October 2019

UN Day

VeryNile partnered with the United Nations to clean the Nile. 193 countries were represented. We removed 1,5 ton of trash but most importantly the UN offices in Egypt committed not to use single-use plastic anymore starting from now on.
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16 October 2019

First event in

First cleaning Event in El Minya. 6,000 pieces of plastic have been removed with the help of 100 volunteers.

12 October 2019

Qanater Clean-up event

VeryNile and Rotary organized a major clean-up of the Qanater dam. Kayaks, fishermen’s boats and Nile Taxi’s boats assembled together to remove all floating plastics stucked at the surface of the dam.

16 June 2019

Running Event

VeryNile ran for the oceans! For each kilometer we ran, Adidas gave one dollar to protect our oceans. But we didn’t stop there, and went to clean the Nile after the 5K run.

12 June 2019

Cleaning & Awareness Event

In partnership with the Danish Embassy and the Danish Business Club, VeryNile removed 4,5 tons of trash from the banks of the Nile with the help of 180 volunteers.

26 May 2019

Cleaning & Awareness Event

Thanks to the support of the Goethe Institute in Cairo, 30 young volunteers received awareness workshops and contributed to clean the Nile under the Abbas Bridge in Cairo

22 March 2019

Water International Day

VeryNile celebrated World Water Day by collecting 11,500 kg of trash from the Nile thanks to the support of 850 volunteers. The event took place in several locations in Cairo and Giza.Special thanks to the event partners: UNHCR, AFD and Emirates NDB.

23 february 2019

Cleaning & Awareness Event

Within 3 hours, 70 volunteers removed 750 kilograms of trash from the Nile shores of Luxor. 10 boats participated in the event where no plastic was consumed, using biodegradable bags and packaging-free food and beverage. Volunteers conducted and received trainings on how to use less plastic and to recycle it.

15 December 2018

Launching Event

Within 3 hours, 250 volunteers removed 1.5 ton of trash from the Nile and its shores. 50 boats participated in the event where no plastic was consumed, using biodegradable bags and packaging-free food and beverage. Volunteers conducted and received trainings on how to use less plastic and to recycle it.

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