The Nile Coalition

The Nile coalition is the first coalition of its kind, bringing together countries of the Nile Basin to all work together towards one purpose, cleaning and protecting the Nile. The first event of this coalition took place on September 18th where VeryNile and initiatives from Rwanda, Uganda, and Burundi all gathered to clean and/or plant trees around the Nile to help protect it from inorganic waste. The coalition united members, resources and intentions for the sole purpose of reviving the beauty of the Nile. This event included Uganda Junior Rangers, Greenwatch, Red Rocks Initiative, & Association Burundaise, supported by the German NGO One Earth One Ocean. The country representatives will be a driving force to help prioritize Nile protection on several nations’ agendas as well as mobilize public support and encourage unity and action to protect the Nile from all harmful waste.

We’re hoping that more countries around the Nile join the coalition to protect our Nile across all borders.

The coalition succeeded in gathering:


Initiatives from 5 different countries



2238 KG




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