VeryNile's Social Impact

VeryNile aims to maximise its social impact on the island of Qursaya in order empower the local community (fishermen partners and their families). We do this through a number of activities that we are constantly expanding and developming.

Job Creation

VeryNile is currently creating a system for recycling most of the waste collected from the Nile. Our project, ‘Reviving Cairo Fishermen’ has a significant social as well as environmental impact. Other than financially compensating participating fishermen for every kilogram of garbage they collect, VeryNile is also creating job opportunities on the island. So far, VeryNile has officially employed 10 residents from the island. Because we could not envision a project where women were not included, we work closely with women and men from the island. So far, we have employed 8 women residents from the island. Every day, residents from the island fill positions of collecting, sorting, compacting, and creating products out of collected recyclables. We engage all levels of the community to both socially and economically revive the island.

An up-cycling workshop led by the women of the Qursayah Island to support them financially while endorsing female empowerment amongst the underprivileged community. This project enables these women to work towards protecting the environment through the up-cycling of recycled plastic bags into unique products designed and created through the skills they have learned and acquired.

VeryNile’s Hub

VeryNile has set up a headquarters for the initiative on Qursaya island, known as the ‘VeryNile Hub’. The space allows the team to manage various projects, recruit new partners and collectors, as well as act as a meeting point for community members on Qursaya island. Workshops for women and art workshops for children are held at the Hub and community members are invited to visit any time. The Hub is also a convenient place for VeryNile’s events and a location for volunteers to rest, learn more about the environment and VeryNile’s activities, and engage with our green army of heroes from the Qursaya community!

The Hub is located in a two floors facility on the island of Qursaya in central Cairo. The ground floor has transforming equipment such as a compactor for the plastic and sorting equipment. The compactor reduces transportation costs by 90%. Nearby fishermen bring their collected recyclables to the center. Quality control ensures that all recyclables are coming from the Nile. A visual control on samples is enough to ensure the provenance of the recyclables.

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